Nick | Unlocking the Potential in Adults with Autism

Nick, age 27, has overcome many obstacles in his life. Despite the bullying and exclusion faced as a child because of his differences, he excelled in science and math and worked hard to adapt to a world that didn’t seem to recognize what he had to offer.

Nick graduated with a degree in Chemical engineering, is fluent in French, and can do complex math in his head. Despite his many accomplishments, the job interview process consistently filters him out due to the challenges he faces when trying to communicate within the context of social norms and cues.

After 4 years of searching for an opportunity in his field, he has yet to offered a chance to show what he feels he is capable of. He wants to reach for his highest potential and change the world. Instead, he lives with his parents and delivers pizza.

Over 80% of autistic adults face barriers to employment. Many are left on the sidelines due to misconceptions and a prevented from pursuing their best life. Imagine all the value we deny ourselves the benefit of enjoying as a society when we fail to recognize the full potential within those we deem too different to fit. What would happen if we gave help where it was needed so adults with autism could play side-by-side with us on the playground of life?

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