Wheel Pad® Home Additions

Winner of the 2016 WAN Small Spaces Award, Wheel Pad® is an eco-friendly 200 square foot universally accessible modular addition (bed & bath) that can be temporarily or permanently attached to an existing home. With a mobile chassis base, Wheel Pad does not trigger zoning nor permit issues in most areas in the United States.  If necessary they will work with local zoning and building permit administrators regarding the use of and permitting for your project.

This project by LineSync Architecture, will support and enhance the lives and well-being for those who have lost mobility due to accident, illness or aging. Wheel Pad offers a supportive environment, while still importantly allowing a level of independence and privacy for the person in need. This remarkable temporary project can be attached to nearly any existing home through a backdoor or by removing the sill wall of a window.

Wheel Pad allows for easy travel from the bedroom to bathroom.  An integrated patient lift track adds another option for accessibility and some physical therapies. The pragmatic angling of the track dynamically enhances the space. This, and the strategically located glazing, makes the room feel more expansive. A pair of extension cords fully powers the space with heating, lighting, hot water and a waste pump with all control switches at wheelchair height. Water is supplied via an insulated Pirit Hose from the existing home. A black water tank can be pumped out like an RV, or easily attached to the existing home waste pipe system.


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