The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device can serve as a handy and safe device for your home. The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device can:

  • Automatically shut off the stove after 5 minutes of no one being in the kitchen
  • Record stove “Automatic Shut Offs” to track memory changes over time
  • Send text alerts that can warn of situations that might need immediate attention
  • Connect to Nest Protect smoke detectors
  • Be remotely monitored or disabled the stove using your Smart devices

Some of the great qualities and benefits of The Automatic Stove Shut Off Device include:

  • Convenient locks that disable the stove from unauthorized use (Night Lock, Caregiver Lock, Child Lock)
  • Daytime Activity Monitors that warn you if NO motion has been detected in the kitchen for 3 hours
  • Nighttime Activity Monitors that record any late-night motion in the kitchen
  • A handy daily calendar that shows if and when the stove is being used.
  • Easy to installation and usage
  • Manual timer for longer periods of uninterrupted cooking for roasts or stews
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