Joint Report: Ensuring Beneficiary Health and Safety in Group Homes Through State Implementation of Comprehensive Compliance Oversight

This report is a resource of Model Practices for states to use as a part of efforts to ensure that all group homes are safe and healthy places for people with disabilities. It provides a comprehensive, but flexible, structure for identifying, investigating, correcting, and reporting health and safety incidents, and making sure that these policies are implemented consistently. Process improvements like these can help create a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the problem, and in turn lead to development of solutions to ultimately reduce abuse and neglect.

This 2018 collaborative report by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, the Office for Civil Rights, and the Administration of Community Living, is in response to an investigation that found up to 99 percent of injuries and other critical incidents of people with developmental disabilities living in group homes were not reported to the appropriate law enforcement or state agencies as required. Health and safety policies and procedures in group homes were not being followed, leaving group home beneficiaries at risk of serious harm.


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