Find a Benefits Enrollment Center (BEC) Near You

The Center for Benefits Access currently supports 69 Benefits Enrollment Centers (BECs) around the country to help low-income seniors and younger adults with disabilities to access programs that pay for healthcare, food, and more. Using web-based tools and person-centered approaches, the BECs help low-income seniors and persons with disabilities find and enroll in all the benefits programs for which they are eligible, and create coordinated, community-wide systems of benefits access.

The BECs focus on connecting Medicare beneficiaries with limited incomes to these core benefits:

BECs also help seniors and younger adults with disabilities to apply for other programs, such as Supplemental Security Income, State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, local transportation assistance, tax relief, and more.

Go to the National Council on Aging’s website to find current Benefits Enrollment Center grantees as of January 2018.


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