Driving with Autism

A driver’s license means so much more than simply being able to drive. It represents freedom and independence and is a sign of adulthood. For an autistic person, driving may seem out of reach. We are excited to introduce a program designed to help an autistic person navigate all the steps necessary to safely drive on their own. Driving With Autism does not teach people to drive. It helps those with autism prepare to drive. Driving With Autism offers support from and to the autistic community, advice from experts in the field of instruction (some of whom are themselves autistic), and real instruction that will help families with autism as they embark on this challenging and exciting new journey. Our main cornerstone of Driving with Autism is our seven-part series that addresses the individualist needs of autistic new drivers in one topic pre week to digest easily. Our free resources on the website is our downloadable eBook, newsletter and blogs page.


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