3LPlace Curriculum Development Wiki

The 3LPlace Transition Curriculum was always envisioned as an ongoing collaboration, constantly expanding and changing. That’s where this wiki comes in.

This space is here to offer a shared, cooperative commons for the development of ideas, program and curriculum in programming for adults with developmental disabilities. While we host this site, it really belongs to a much larger community.

Our greatest hope is that you will own this with us help build it, use it, and in the process make it better. More than anything this is a work in progress. Some of the material you find here may perfectly suit a particular individual.  Other materials might be downloaded and modified to suit your needs.  We’ll be contributing with our own experience as the Curriculum is put into action at 3LPlace in Somerville, Massachusetts. We hope that others using the Curriculum will add insight from their own experiences. We want your feedback, so register to contribute ideas and materials to what we think is going to be a really awesome collaborative space for curriculum development!

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