The Associated Press published a wonderful article highlighting two residents of Luna Azul and its origins – and media outlets across the country took note!

The article has since been published nationally both with major news networks and smaller, local networks. Some of the major news networks that picked up this article include: US News & World Report, Associated Press News, Washington Post, ABC News, MSN News, New York Times, Washington Times, and MPR News.

Just like many others in the Autism Housing Network (AHN) Housing Directory, it is parents who are spearheading these efforts to create housing options in their communities. Desiree Kameka, Director of the Autism Housing Network shared with the reporter that telling success stories on our website and through presentations nationally has led others to take the lead,

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photo credit: Ross D. Franklin (AP News)

“All of a sudden, they start seeing other families and other communities have been successful,” Kameka said. “It gives them hope and initiative that maybe they can make it a reality. Parents feel more support and empowered today to be able to take the big steps to create housing communities… One reason: Social media and online resources are inspiring parents to look beyond the status quo…”

At the Autism Housing Network, we recognize the impact the media has on making this invisible crisis visible and shaping options for the future. We are so excited to see the parents getting credit where it is earned. Share your appreciation of the media reporting on this topic so they continue to pick up stories that inspire other families and local communities!

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Christina Wandry

Christina is the Communications Manager for the Autism Housing Network (AHN). She seeks to create connections between neurodiverse individuals, their families and a variety of organizations. Christina manages the AHN’s digital marketing, content curation, graphic design, social media platforms and website. She has a passion for helping people on the autism spectrum and their families and takes pride in helping provide the best housing solutions for them. Christina earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Utah.