Self-Advocacy: One-Page Profile Template for Individuals with Autism

Sometimes people who aren’t lucky enough to have neurodiversity in their lives could benefit from learning about the unique individuality of a person with autism. We have created a downloadable template that you can print, add a picture, fill out and distribute. This is something that may be beneficial to give to distant family members at holidays, new direct support providers, co-workers at a new job or internship, or even a new dentist or doctor. This One-Page Profile is meant to be a snapshot of an individual’s interests, strengths, and unique attributes so people are seen as more than just a diagnosis. It is also a great way to show someone how they can best support an individual with their particular needs and desires. It can be printed and filled out by hand, or use the text boxes to type first and then printed. Make sure to save before downloading to not lose the typed information.



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