Home, My Way: Our Home – Cathedral Park Cohousing Community

Housing for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities has been shifting throughout the past few years towards more variety and choices in housing and support services. These changes encourage more freedom of choice and allow individuals to live their best lives the way they most desire. Parents and stakeholders have taken the initiative to drive a lot of this change. Learn more about the variety of emerging and existing housing models by watching this Virtual Tour of Housing Options.

One housing model option includes cohousing communities, which are intentional, collaborative communities with shared values and communal spaces. One such emerging cohousing community, Our Home – Cathedral Park (OHCP) will be located in Portland, Oregon. They are currently looking for future neighbors!  This community has a strong foundation including the land to be built on, an incredible development/architectural team of knowledgeable and caring cohousing experts, and a committed group of Founding Neighbor Members. This cohousing community is moving forward and excited to bring the rest of the community together and build! 

Housing renderingsOHCP will be a 31-unit multi-generational community with about 20% of the units set aside for people with developmental disabilities and up to six subsidized units for people who income qualify. The rest of the homes will be owned and lived in by people who see the value of living stronger together in a diverse, inclusive, reciprocal community.

While it is absolutely the nonprofit’s mission to be a part of housing solutions for adults with disabilities, Our Home – Cathedral Park is not looking to create segregated housing. The Founding Neighbor Members are people with and without disabilities.

Once Our Home – Cathedral Park is up and running, the nonprofit, Our Home Inclusive Community Collaboration, will be working to advise, inspire, and develop more communities like OHCP. Their big-picture goal is to bring together all of the members of this first groundbreaking community to ultimately have an example of real choice, real community, and homes to inspire more like it.

The Autism Housing Network is excited to share more about this innovative neurodiverse community in an interview with founding neighbor, Alicia DeLashmutt, and community member, Marie Blanchard.

Home, My Way: Cathedral Park Short Full Interview 

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