National Autism Month – Making the Unseen Seen


Celebrate National Autism Month during April and help us observe #AutismAfter21. You can bring much needed awareness to the needs of adults with autism who after age 21 face enormous challenges. Madison House Autism Foundation (MHAF) is working hard every day, across the nation, to address these challenges and build awareness to the individuals’ unique talents, abilities and challenges.


We are inviting our friends to create your own peer-to-peer fundraiser in support of MHAF to help raise awareness and support adults with autism. The individual who raises the most donations will win an overnight stay at a Marriott hotel (minimum $500 raised). Runners-up will win a beautiful collection of handmade goat’s milk soap from Madison Fields.

New! Any donation up to $300 to MHAF will be fully deductibleon your 2020 tax return thanks to the COVID-19 Stimulus Package!

MHAF has worked in the arena of adults with autism for over a decade and as one of the few organizations in the nation addressing lifespan issues of this vulnerable population, we are educating the country, community by community, that these individuals live in their communities, their neighborhoods and their places of worship. Our theme for National Autism Month is “Making the Unseen Seen.” No two people on the spectrum are alike, just like the general population, and they have unique talents, abilities, and challenges. You may see people and not understand the challenges they face.

This month we hope to bring communities across the country into an understanding that adults with autism have both a wide range of capabilities and a wide range of needs. Many people want to help others, but if you don’t realize people with such needs exist, how can you open your world and lives to include them? Please join us to raise awareness and provide support for individuals and families that are touched by adult autism.

National Autism Month #AutismAfter21

Please join us this month to raise awareness and provide support for individuals and families that are touched by adult autism:


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