Autism After 21 “Did You Know” Campaign

About the Campaign

Every April, in celebration of National Autism Acceptance Month, Madison House Autism Foundation launches a month-long education campaign to promote greater understanding and acceptance of adults with autism.

This year, our Autism After 21 education campaign, Did You Know, focused on areas that impact quality of life for autistic adults and their families. We shared information, stories, and messages from self-advocates on our social media channels and mailing list.

We invite you to participate with us, engage with these discussions, and share your own experience. Together, we can shed greater light on the autistic adult community, change attitudes, and promote neuroinclusivity in our communities.

Thank you for helping us bring attention and care to the lives and voices of autistic adults.


As advocates for greater neurodiversity and inclusion, it’s important that we listen to and include autistic voices in our conversations. That’s why we asked autistic adults from around the country about their personal experiences. We encourage you to watch and share with your friends and followers.


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