What can I do as an advocate now that the election is over?

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    <b>What can I do as an advocate now that the election is over? </b>

    Desiree Kameka
    Once the ballots are in and our new government leaders are in office, your work as an advocate is to ensure they understand the needs, know the stories of the citizens they serve, and know they have an advocate to call on if they ever have a question or concern! By simply reaching out, you may be asked to serve on a stakeholder committee, asked for your opinion about certain policy changes, or be invited to events where you can continue to be an advocate. If you are a project starter, they should know about what you are doing to help improve the future of their citizens…
    Here are a few suggestions AFTER they get into office.
    STEP 1: Check out the AHN Education page on Advocacy that offers a few major talking points you may want to discuss that pertains to your situation.
    STEP 2: Practice your 2 minute phone call. It should include your name, your city, and the reason you are calling.  For example:
    “Hi. My name is Desiree Kameka and I live in Franktown. My sister has a learning disability and I am a family host home for a young man with autism. I would like the opportunity to share with [Representative/Congressman/Congresswoman/Governor ________] about how our state supports their needs and how we can work together to improve the system. What is the best way for me to share this information? (If applicable) I would be happy to schedule a visit to your office.”
    STEP 3: Pick up the phone and give them a call! Don’t be intimidated. They represent your needs! Think of this as the start of a relationship that you will continue to nurture.
    STEP 4: Write a thank you letter for caring about the needs of citizens with intellectual / developmental disabilities and/or autism. Include the day you called and who you spoke to, a picture and maybe the signature of your loved one if you are advocating on behalf of them. Make sure to remind them you want to be kept informed and are willing to assist in anyway possible in the future.
    STEP 5: Join the Coalition for Community Choice to be kept up-to-date with monthly advocacy news.
    Please share your success stories with us so we can share with others as inspiration and motivation!
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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