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    i’m an autistic adult with cerebral palsy. I’m a prospective graduate student at Florida State University, but I’m having trouble finding an apartment in the Tallahassee area. can someone help me?

    Desiree Kameka

    Greetings Neurodiversity Scholar,

    Finding affordable housing is a HUGE challenge, especially when one must take into account accessibility. If you are looking just for housing and not amenities or services, my suggestion is to look at this website to see the affordable, accessible options in that area: https://affordablehousingonline.com/housing-search/Florida/Tallahassee

    I highly suggest you contact the Center for Independant Living in the area as they may have good “insider” info on access to housing and other financial support for people with disabilities: http://www.ability1st.info/

    You may also consider contacting the FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities which offers support services, and may help you access additional social, volunteer, work or leadership opportunities.

    You can always check Craigslist or other networking sites for housing, but make sure you have a signed lease agreement in place upon exchange of any money. Also, make sure to check that you will have access to transportation.

    Hope this helps,


    PS I am a Miami Hurricane, but won’t hold being a Nole against you 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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