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    i thought i would start a new post that raises the issue of the need for soundproofing for accommodation for people with ASD,

    as many of us ASD sufferers will suffer from sensory hypersensitivity, otherwise known as misophonia.

    This symptom of ASD (recognised as part of the diagnostic criteria for ASD since APA update DSM-V)

    I myself actually don’t live in the US, but i thought i would help by raising the issue.

    In the UK there is a medical adaptation fund or medical adaptation grant which can be applied for by people with disabilities which goes up to £30,000. to adapt a property so that it would be suitable or fit for purpose to house a person with the diagnosed disability.

    Perhaps there is something similar in the US, if not. Perhaps there needs to be one set up, as misophonia / sensory hypersensitivity causes

    a great deal of distress in the hypersensitive ASD sufferer, with exposure to sound having the potential of causing sensory overload meltdowns!

    Sadly for me, i live in a island that although very wealthy in terms of capital for its size, it is extremely poor when it comes to how they treat people with ASD.

    With the local government not caring at all and ignoring the needs. not setting up any form of funding and leaving the funding to either the individual who most likely will be on benefit, or a privately own landlord who is only obligated to provide if they are found guilty at a disability tribunal.

    Landlords including social housing landlords do nothing to help. which is disgusting considering how much money these people make out of “charitable works” or not for profit endeavours. Not for profit, apart from in terms of bloated salaries and bloated bills for their buddies at the building companies.

    disgusting. but anyway. this post is here to raise the issue. Please feel free to add useful info.

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