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    HI All,


    I am seeking information regarding housing for my 22 year old son.  He is very high functioning and would like very much to be on his own.  I do not see anything listed for the San Jose California area.  Can someone help?



    Nan Recker

    Desiree Kameka

    Greetings Nan,

    It is typical to not have the perfect option in your hometown. It is for this reason that many families are creating their own solutions thus a big reason for the Autism Housing Network to be a hub for housing info and support. Here are some first general steps:
    1) It’s important to explore what type of housing and support arrangements may fit your son best. I suggest you start by watching our Virtual Tour of Housing options:
    2) There are public financial assistance and support systems, but they are disconnected so the key is understanding them and seeing if your son would qualify. DO NOT count your income or any help you give him financially when questions ask about “income”. You can see some first steps including Public Funding 101 on our Education page:
    3) Use the AHN Resource Directory and filter for ‘Objectives’>’Public Assistance’ to find resources and guides to navigating public assistance for supplemental income, finding a job, help with food, energy bills, or a phone:
    4) I do offer direct consultations for a $100 fee which helps us continue to run our free programming. I would try to understand his needs and preferences which would lead to a list of steps, links to options and resources specifically for his situation. Simply fill out this form if you would like to schedule a consultation:
    Hope this is a good start!
    Warm regards,
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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