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    I keep looking for online resources for my 21 year old son. I keep hitting brick walls. Any help is greatly appreciated. It seems even this place is abandoned.

    Christina Wandry

    I apologize for the slow response and I understand the frustration when seeking out options for your child. Because of overwhelming requests, and our inability to help everyone one-on-one right away, we have created a few tools to get you started in exploring options.

    1) It’s important to explore what type of housing and support arrangements may fit your loved one best. I suggest watching our Virtual Tour of Housing options video series to get an idea of options: http://www.autismhousingnetwork.org/education/virtual-tour-housing-options/

    2) Here are our suggestions on how to use the resources on the Autism Housing Network to start moving forward with a plan. There are financial assistance and support systems, but they are disconnected so the key is understanding them and seeing if your loved one would qualify. DO NOT count your income or any help you give her financially when questions ask about “income”: http://www.autismhousingnetwork.org/education/explore-housing-options/

    3) We do offer direct consultations for a $100 fee which helps us continue to run our free programming. I would try to understand your family needs and preferences which would lead to a list of steps, links to options and resources specifically for your situation. Simply fill out this form if you would like to schedule a consultation: http://www.autismhousingnetwork.org/schedule-30-minute-consultation/

    Hope this is a good start!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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