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    Does anyone have any suggestions?I am struggling. I had friends who encouraged me to move with them but turns out, I was meant to find my own place they have four kids and animals. I found a sublet then a short term lease – this last has been a nightmare – a young kid who is so mean to my own who has autism!  Stealing our stuff and when ALL was found in his room his dad said must be ghosts. We have cardboard on a window he promised to fix before we moved in.  We’ve been since December.  He wrote a very legal letter entitled notice to vacate – for the date we are supposed to anyway.


    All apartments want 2.5 rent at least even low income. Most low income either first come first serve when opening and i don’t drive i won’t be first or lists – that are either lottery or you are at bottom. I don’t want to do shared again because this place landed my kiddo in hospital  for anxiety and no safety net – no plan b.  Most shared wants one or young persons for rentals. I’m not young I am 50. My son is 13. I am a good mom. I make sure he has all the specialists and services he needs. I make sure he gets to appointments – I arrange transportation. I do sensory integration with him three times a day and right now in his fight or fight mode I am watching him constantly – he is putting things in his mouth and doing all kinds of things he used to do as a toddler. As well as increased stimming/tics.

    I have autism myself and my anxiety is very high.  Some people say a one bedroom isn’t large enough for my son and I . Well giving my son a bedroom is an easy sacrifice – the alternative is no bedroom, no living, no kitchen, no bathroom.  Not sure why this isn’t understood. Who cares about size – we would be out of elements and safe.  I’m working with JFS but loosely since not in the hud program, and met with a counselor for first time at DVR.  I do have access to enough for two months rent and deposit – even if its like 1100. though I’d prefer not as my monthly income is low.  I would love just a case worker to help with all of this. To help understand conflicting SSI letters  – one says we somehow owe (we always use for rent) and one says they owe us.

    Most organizations help if you are already homeless – not to prevent it. Or if you have the eviction notice. I have  a notice to vacate but not anything that says eviction.  Or they will help if you are autistic AND young. Well young people become older.I got by by living with my mom into twenties – I helped her alot – she was an older mom too….and then…before I was married (divorced now) I moved alot and did caretaking of houses and people. That was my housing. Or had roomates when I was YOUNG and SINGLE.  What they ask for usually. Or silvernesters – i fit into that but have a kid. They want one.  Or none.

    I am good person. I do forget about things sometimes but the important things like appointments for school, drs, promises to my kiddo for library etc i put on several calenders, planners etc so I know i will always be looking at something with dates. I don’t drink or drug or smoke and yet its impossible to find housing. There are even expectations on separate spaces with own entrance,  like you must work 9-5 (i have a job lead – at home – i have too many appts for my son and things for me and i take access  r ide everywhere – which runs late – so each thing can take a day – need home based), you must be young, or you must be very active or like occassional partying.  Sometimes I don’t even ask because of their list of what they look for, or they say space too small for us (better then cardboard box condo) or they found someone – but then they keep the ad up on fb etc.





    Christina Wandry

    I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation. I can try to offer you a few resources:

    1) You can contact your local Center for Independent Living who may be able to get you immediate help as well as help you access affordable housing.

    2) You can also contact your state Protection & Advocacy Organization who provides FREE LEGAL COUNSEL to individuals and families with disabilities.  http://www.ndrn.org/images/Documents/Media/PA_CAP_LIST_2017_Revised.pdf

    3) Look for available affordable housing in your area or at least get on a waiting list: https://affordablehousingonline.com/

    4) See if any transitional housing may be available: https://www.transitionalhousing.org/

    5) You can also get help over the phone by calling The Autism Society: Contact Center at 800-3AUTISM (800-328-8476)

    I hope this helps get you started. Best of luck!


    Thanks though I am not getting started lol i wake up early and go to sleep late looking for resources, calling and texting and emailing.  Waitlists are for years or for those who can get there first. I don’t drive. Or even with low income mine is too low for the rent or i don’t make 2.f5 the amount.


    I do appreciate your links and time though

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