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    We are a group of 3 parents of boys in their 20s looking for better housing than what is currently available in our area (north central Indiana). We want Community for our boys — where they are know others and are known themselves. We have visited several unique housing options in Indiana and Michigan (and are planning a few more). We’ve had 2 meetings in our community with other parents. The need and desire for something better is there!

    We’re following the guidelines of 2 resources we’ve found on this site:

    1. Alternative Housing Options for Individuals with Disabilities
    2. http://www.autismhousingnetwork.org/education/creating-housing-opportunities/

    We’ve visited several models around the state and out of state, and have a couple more we’d like to see. We recognize we don’t have a vision statement yet. 🙂

    We are kind of stuck. We aren’t sure of our next step. Our boys are pretty dependent (non-verbal, one in a wheelchair, none completely toilet trained) and we recognize the kind of housing option we desire might not be what others who are more independent desire.  How do we bring those families in? Do we  go big – Building Ohana big to meet the needs of many different families? Or small — what our boys need? Or something in between? How did other families narrow down their vision statement?

    Any advice and information is greatly appreciated.

    Kathy Trinkle

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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