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    I have talked to several families who have bitten the bullet and purchased houses for their adult children with autism and intellectual disabilities. Turning these houses into happy healthy homes is easier said than done.  Our home, for example has an apartment in it where my husband and I now reside.  It is a full-time job managing the household responsibilities and unique needs of the residents here, some of whom receive day supports and others who don’t.  I don’t get paid to provide these services.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I are heavily subsidizing the project.  Affordable housing, I have found is not of popular interest to the general public, and we need capital to succeed.  Where do we start?

    —Alexandra Bricklin

    Desiree Kameka

    Greetings Alexandra,

    Here are a few directions:

    1. For assistance in purchasing a single home or developing multi-family affordable housing, every state has a State Housing and Finance authority that may be a good first step. They have a different name in each state, but you can find yours on this list. Check and see what programs your state offers. Do not be afraid to make an appointment and share your concern about the lack of housing options for citizens with autism or other intellectual/developmental disabilities:
    2. Go to the AHN Resource Directory and use the filter ‘Topics’ > ‘Finance Housing Development’ to find a list of resources:
    3. Check out our suggestions on using the AHN to create your own solution:

    Hope this is a helpful start!


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    My husband and I have created a way for ourselves and other families to fundraise for housing for their loved one. If you would like more information I will send my email it is. [email protected] we could answer questions you may have. I have an adult son that we are working for housing with our program.

    Thank You,

    Norma Crocker

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