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    What is the difference between consumer-controlled and provider-controlled housing?

    Desiree Kameka

    Yes! Across the country, policy is moving towards giving individuals with I/DD more control and choice over their home and the provision of support. Federal regulations specify different mandates for settings that are “consumer-controlled” and those that are “provider-owned or controlled.”

    When an individual with I/DD lives in a consumer-owned or controlled environment (i.e., the individual rents or owns the home), he chooses his providers and roommates. Separating home and support system allows for more housing flexibility because a person is not attached to his provider. He can change providers without having to move from his home.

    Provider-owned and controlled settings include group homes or Host Family Homes/ Adult Foster Care. The home and support services are completely tied. An individual with I/DD can be asked to leave upon request of the provider regardless of how the person with I/DD feels about the decision. If the relationship begins to strain or the provider is no longer meeting an individual needs, the individual with I/DD must move to access his supports from a different provider.

    This distinction is important to people developing their own housing option. I strongly suggest that for families or individuals who want to create their future home and/or community that you maintain control of the home and ensure choice of providers even if you decide to partner with a specific service providing agency.


    What about a model like Supportive Housing where the consumer buys a unit and helps to decide on the support staff?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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