We are excited to announce the newest AHN Sponsor, Planning Across the Spectrum. They specialize in providing certified financial planning advice and services to those with special needs and disabilities, including autism.

Below you will find answers to many of the common questions they get about planning financially for the future. Watch for more videos to be added!

Are Rental Payments Reportable as Income?

Can I Leave My Home to My Child in My Will?

“What if my child doesn’t have the money for rent, or I don’t want the money they pay me?”

Deciding How Much to Charge for Rent:

Owning a Home with a Disability:

Parents Gifting a Home:

How do Waivers Help Fund Housing?

Why is SSA Asking for Rent?

Find articles on financial planning below:

Special Needs Trust: Reasons to Use a Corporate Trustee

Will Bequeathing a Home or Asset to a Loved One with a Disability Affect Their Benefits?

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Christina is the Communications Manager for the Autism Housing Network (AHN). She seeks to create connections between neurodiverse individuals, their families and a variety of organizations. Christina manages the AHN’s digital marketing, content curation, graphic design, social media platforms and website. She has a passion for helping people on the autism spectrum and their families and takes pride in helping provide the best housing solutions for them. Christina earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Utah.