What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

The AHN is not a comprehensive resource for local help, but offers the Public Funding 101 video as well as the following resources to direct you to broad local support. The following may be additional beneficial local community resources:

  • Contact your local Arc as they may provide referrals and may also be service provider.
  • Autism Society of America offers local affiliates, a help hotline as well as a national referral database called Autism Source.
  • Centers for Independent Living are federally-funded in every state to help people with disabilities connect with local resources.
  • Calling 211 from a phone can connect you to local support and navigation services for public benefits.

If you continue to be denied help or there is not assistance to meet your needs, your elected officials should know! They often want to know the barriers their constituents face, and likely have no idea that you and others with A/I/DD are experiencing these challenges. Don’t be shy- write or call their office to share not only the challenge, but even what could make the system of support more accessible for you or a loved one.


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