How do I pay for the help I need? through a waiver?

Paying for the help you or your loved one may need in the home or out in the community can either be done privately out-of-pocket, using earned income from a job, or through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), but most adults with A/I/DD will need a Home & Community-Based Services waiver. Every state offers different waiver options.  Each of the waivers offered by your state may have different service delivery options.

In order to access a waiver, you will need to contact your states Developmental Disability Agency and apply. Unfortunately, waiting lists are common in states and you may not be able to access services you need to move out of your family home immediately, therefore its imperative you apply for a waiver as soon as possible. Not everyone with an A/I/DD will be found eligible, therefore it is important to describe your support needs in detail on what may be a difficult day- this is not the time to brag about life skills.

Some properties offer supportive amenities that may or may not be included in rent or housing costs. These supportive amenities may be critical for adults with A/I/DD who are not eligible for a waiver as they typically offer the support needed to help residents stay housed, connected to resources, and their communities.

This video on Public Funding 101 can be quite helpful to explore other outlets of financial support.


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