How do I pay for housing?

Paying for housing can either be done using earned income from a job, help from family or a Special Needs Trust, through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). It is important to note that a Home & Community-Based Services waiver can never be used to pay for housing, even if you live in a provider-controlled setting like a group home or host home.

Housing can be expensive, but adults with A/I/DD are often low income and may qualify for a rental subsidy (generally called a housing voucher) through a local Public Housing Authority or may be able to access a subsidized unit. Unfortunately, these units and housing vouchers are in high demand and waiting lists are common or may not even be available.

Some individuals or their family may be able to afford a homeownership option such as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, purchasing another home, or bequeathing the family home. Some states may offer tools to help with the purchase of a home through the state Housing and Finance Authority. Your local Public Housing Authority may even offer the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership option.

There are important considerations to make when renting or investing in housing when you also rely on means-tested programs. This Planning Across the Spectrum video series may be helpful in answering additional financial questions.

This video on Public Funding 101 can offer additional outlets of financial support for other living expenses.


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