Virtual Tour of Housing Options

One of the first steps in exploring housing options is knowing the benefits and considerations of both traditional and progressive options. Knowing the pros and cons of each setting type and service delivery model will help drive one’s person-centered plan and help define his or her preferences. You can begin this process right now. We’re here to guide you!

Madison House Autism Foundation’s Housing Director, Desiree Kameka, is passionate about innovative communities for individuals with autism and other I/DD. Watch her video presentations below to learn more about housing options popping up across the country.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Part I

“The Past and Present Housing Landscape”

One Size Does Not Fit All, Part II

“Facing the Challenges for a Better Future”

One Size Does Not Fit All, Part III

“Innovation Across the Country”

One Size Does Not Fit All, Part IV

“Innovation Across the Country: Multi-family Planned Communities”

One Size Does Not Fit All, Part V

“Innovation Across the Country: Live-Work-Play Communities”

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