A Place in the World

Fueling Housing and Community Options for Adults with
Autism and Other Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
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The Study

We all have the same goal, so let’s speak the same language.

Bringing together multi-sector leaders from across the country, this groundbreaking study provides the foundational shared language needed for realizing, researching, and replicating housing solutions to support adults with A/I/DD. Housing developers, service providers, community-based organizations, and advocates can use this study as a tool to bring together crucial partnerships to address the current housing crisis.

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The Purpose

  • Provide the universal language indispensable for innovation, expansion of, and investment in supportive housing developments throughout the U.S. and beyond.
  • Make it possible for housing developers to better grasp the needs and nuances of this market and respond with innovative solutions at a range of price points that includes public, private, and philanthropic funding sources.
  • Enable the collection, tracking, and sharing of baseline and outcome data based on segmentations of the population, service provision, and property amenities.
  • Facilitate major policy advances based on data—a key criteria—versus solely on ideology.
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Research Database

Using the APITW nomenclature as our filter system, the AHN Housing Directory is now the largest segmented database of residential options available, breaking down barriers for researchers who want to study the lifelong impact of supportive housing for adults with A/I/DD.

Data-Driven Future

A/I/DD Housing Market Analyses are now being conducted in major metropolitan areas across the country. Without the APITW nomenclature, it would not have been possible to collect and aggregate cross-state data as every state uses different terms to describe and implement residential options. 

Inspiring Innovation

The APITW report features a Housing Market Guide of twelve diverse properties as well as in depth details of three properties. These proof points offer developers insights and examples to catalyze innovative housing development in their local community. APITW videos are being used to inspire others. 

Marketplace Clarity

Prior to publication, while innovators struggled to describe their vision, there was no cross-state standard for describing what someone wanted in their housing or support options. Now the APITW Worksheets help guide stakeholders to describe their own housing or emerging development and/or advocate in their community.

Data Leading to Practical Recommendations

The A Place in the World report as well as A Place in the World Housing Market Analyses all include statistics and specific recommendations for shifting policy and funding streams to meet demand based on data collected and analyzed.