WeBUILT (We Build Unique Independent Lives Together)

WeBUILT is a privately owned community with 35 individual homes and a large community space called the Party Barn. WeBUILT provides dinner for its residents as well as a full range of staff. There is an on-site Community Manager, full time Chef, Organic Gardener, full time Maintenance Professional, Activities Coordinator and a Job Development Coordinator. Additional staff members live on-site as well as an inclusive mix of residents. We believe that individuals who are supported in their quest to become independent will benefit from naturally occurring friendships derived through daily healthy activities. WeBUILT is a project of Next Step Strategies, Inc an intentional community with a mission to support individuals that struggle with sensory challenges in traditional housing opportunities. Our focus is providing opportunities for a healthy lifestyle, including leisure, recreational and volunteer activities while promoting and advocating for choice and independence. Other states are currently working to replicate the WeBUILT model.

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