WeBUILT – Fulton, Missouri

WeBUILT - Fulton is a community currently under construction. This community will be a privately owned community with 22 individual homes and a central shared space. This community will allow each resident to have their home built/tailored to their needs. Each home is 600 sq ft and ADA accessible, with one bedroom, one bathroom, a living are and a kitchen area. The kitchen has a full size refrigerator, but not an over or stovetop (although counter appliances can be used/added.) Accommodations for sensory needs can be built in with the unit and the resident has lots of choices including swing chairs, hammock chairs, paint colors, flooring, countertops, lighting etc. The evening meal will be served each day in the community space - this will allow for the development of natural friendships. There will be a community manager available to assist with activities and menu planning, conflict resolution etc. Anyone who needs and qualifies for other services can receive those services at WeBUILT through several different nearby agencies. Families invest $125,000 in the WeBUILT community which allows the unit to be built and gives ownership to WeBUILT - Fulton, LLC. This will reduce monthly costs and provide a home for residence to age in place.

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