Thrive Seattle Living

The steps toward independent living can be daunting. Thrive Seattle residents are able to independently practice most activities of daily living and do not require robust provider support. At Thrive Seattle, we offer residential options for small cohorts of young adults. Each resident will have their own private studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchen. They will also have access to a common area for social activities and programming. Resident advisors will provide support and structure through daily checks-in. Coordinators will help supervise long term goals, collaborate with families and provide ongoing support on the path to independence. Through a careful evaluation process, we match small groups of young adults based on personality, interests and location preference. Resident advisers help the young adult connect to social and recreational activities and maintain their schedule. They also make sure that each person in the residential community feels comfortable and safe. Thrive Seattle provides a residential approach that builds peer community and helps develop skills such as: Time management, cooking, budgeting, health/wellness and more.

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