Sweetwater Spectrum

Sweetwater Spectrum is an innovative, community-based, long-term housing solution for adults with Autism or similar intellectual/developmental disabilities, that offers individual choice and challenges each resident to reach his or her highest potential. In 2009, a group of families with children with autism collaborated with professionals and civic leaders to found a non-profit organization with a vision: to design and build a residential community for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities unlike anything available today. Since opening our doors in January 2013, we have grown, evolved, and remain dedicated to providing a model for the nation’s families, who are struggling with the lack of housing options for their adult children. Our community leverages and optimizes the insights and knowledge gained through autism research while embracing sustainable design and best practices. We have created a residential environment that reflects the beauty and spirit of the surrounding area while utilizing supported living services in close collaboration with the Regional Center. Created as a pilot community, and now operational for over 10 years, Sweetwater Spectrum is one model for community-based housing that works.

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