SustainAbility Farm

Our farm is a 45 acre parcel located in Accord, NY, 15 minutes outside of New Paltz, on a hill looking out to the beautiful Mohonk Ridge. Working on our three-acre vegetable farm field, we have run a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture subscription plan), donated to local food pantries, and sold to food co-ops, supermarkets and restaurants. Our latest crop is lavender, from which we plan to make essential oil. We also have a new flock of chickens and hope to launch ourselves into the egg business. The farmhouse itself is spacious- huge newly-renovated kitchen, four large living rooms, good-sized bedrooms with bathrooms- affording lots of options for time spent individually, and communally. The farm offers a wide array of entrepreneurial, creative marketing opportunities as well as farm chores. The Hudson Valley is rich in recreational, continuing education, and volunteer opportunities which make the off-season as busy as our farm season. New farmers can come for a trial period to see if this living situation is a good fit. This period can be up to two months maximum before a decision is reached. Once the decision to come to the farm is reached, a rental agreement will be signed and we will set a goal of two more months for a transitional period in which the farmer will acquire staff and become acclimated to full time residence. During the first year, rental agreements will be reviewed so that both tenant and lessor can assess their progress in becoming full-time residents. A live-in caregiver is also present and acts as staff backup.

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