Sunridge Ranch

Our House Sunridge Ranch Community Est. 2019 In 2005 the first Sunridge home was constructed with the mission to secure a family community for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Four families invested in that home for their adult sons. In 2013, the founders of that home helped another four families build Sunridge Ranch II and in 2019 they did the same for our house, Sunridge Ranch III. ​ The Sunridge Ranch homes follow a private ownership model. Each home is owned by four families and together we control how we run our home within the Sunridge community parameters. We use a caregiver model of two couples who job share, each working two weeks out of the month. They provide supervision, meals, shopping, cleaning and help with resident’s self-care. ​ Our home is located on 11 acres of farmland and is designed with the long term needs of the residents. Each resident has their own, large bedroom with a private bathroom and walk-in closet. Our caregivers stay in their own bedroom suite near the guys while working at the home. Additionally, the home has a large family kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances, a theatre room, beautiful views of the valley and a state of the art monitoring system. The Lifestyle Living in Ellensburg As parents, our goal is for our sons to lead a productive “typical” lifestyle in their own home they call Sunridge. ​ Living together as a "family" in their own home offers varied opportunities for self-paced activities that challenge our sons to learn and achieve independent life skills. They are able to see the meaningful progress of their work and take pride in ownership. This concrete reinforcement serves as a positive affirmation of their dignity and worth. ​ Living so close to Ellensburg also provides ample opportunities for our sons to independently become involved with a variety of social, recreational, and religious activities of their choice. The are creating meaningful relationships with numerous community members and continue to grow as productive members of the Ellensburg community. The Trellis Center The Sunridge Community The center of our Sunridge community is The Trellis Center. The center is a support program for the Sunridge residents as well as other local residents and high school programs where they go to learn, grow, build relationships and work towards independence. Trellis is an integral part of the Sunridge community.

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