Special Needs Properties

HOUSING Special Needs Properties offers lifelong secure housing to California regional center clients. CARE We will help you navigate regional center services to get the care you need and choose. OUR FIRST HOME Special Needs Properties is proud to offer shares in our first home, in Discovery Bay CA. Located 60 miles east of San Francisco, this beautiful 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house is in a gated community near lakes, community farms, restaurants and shopping. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE? Special Needs Properties intends to listen to its members and buy or create additional homes where special needs people want to live, anywhere in California. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE? Special Needs Properties (SNP) wants you to live the way you want. Our motto is “Everyone deserves to choose their home and the care they receive.” While this AHN directory is admirable and exhaustive, SNP wants YOU to tick your own boxes and have as much say in your own life as possible. While our first home is a conventional single family house, if you want to live in a tiny home, or ADU, or condo, or farm, etc, we can work together to make that happen!

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