Rainbow Acres

Rainbow Acres is a Christian community with heart that empowers adults with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. Founded in 1974, Rainbow Acres serves adults of all ages with a wide range of developmental disabilities that commonly include Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome and Developmental Delay from various causes. The 50-acre ranch-style campus is located in the scenic Verde Valley of Arizona. In 2016, Rainbow Acres completed $18.5 million in capital improvements, including the Palmer Community Center with a central dining hall/kitchen and meeting rooms for events, several new apartment houses for the residents (called “Ranchers”), an equine facility for horse therapy, greenhouses for growing fresh produce, and other buildings. Our goal is to help the Ranchers master cognitive, vocational, physical, spiritual and social skills they can utilize on a daily basis as valued members of the community. At Rainbow Acres, everything is centered on the Ranchers, with opportunities for personal growth, the security of compassionate care, and a nurturing environment with staff and friends who accept them unconditionally. Each Rancher is empowered to find meaningful work, discover personal interests, and find their own purpose. Ranchers are employed both on campus and off campus at a number of local businesses and organizations. They regularly engage in educational programs, greenhouse gardening, cooking classes, weaving, fine arts painting, music programs, computer lab, fitness classes, an equine program, and other offerings. Groups of Ranchers travel on weekends all over the state for hiking excursions, musical concerts, baseball and basketball games, museum and zoo visits, Special Olympics competitions and other stimulating experiences. A quote from a grandmother of one of our Ranchers is a common sentiment, “He always had so much to offer, but people didn’t know it until he came to Rainbow Acres!” Come to Arizona and experience the Ranch!

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