OHRLiving @ Orlando

OhrLiving offers supportive apartment housing for adults with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, promoting an inclusive and empowering living experience. Our two-year residential transition program is designed for individuals aged 18 and older to develop life skills through classroom instruction, community involvement, and practical home-based experiences. OhrLiving residents enjoy a comprehensive suite of supports and amenities tailored to enhance their independence and quality of life. A dedicated support team assists residents in building daily living skills, fostering greater autonomy. Our community life team organizes a diverse array of activities and events every day of the week, encouraging active engagement and social interaction. Additionally, the employment team helps residents identify their skills and job interests, connecting them with volunteer roles and employment opportunities, while the health and wellness team guides them in making healthy lifestyle choices through nutrition and exercise. The modern, property provides a comfortable, smart-home environment with features designed to accommodate sensory sensitivities. Residents can choose between one- and two-bedroom floor plans, with multiuse spaces on each floor serving as hubs for socializing and personal development. These spaces are equipped for activities such as gaming, fitness, meditation/yoga, art, and reading. In our culinary teaching kitchen, residents learn to prepare healthy, easy meals, while the outdoor patio and BBQ area offer inviting spaces for social gatherings. The pool area provides a relaxing spot to unwind and connect with friends. Through these amenities and supportive services, residents at OHR lIving can build meaningful relationships and navigate their paths toward more independent living.

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