OASIS Community

The mission of OASIS Community, Inc. is to create and maintain an inclusive, safe, person-centered housing community for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). OASIS Community will be a neurodiverse neighborhood built on these principles: Our: The place where we belong, where each person can realize they are valued for who they are. Affordable: The place where, by coming together in a community, can serve individuals with means and without. Sustainable: The place where each person has quality care and community for the rest of their lives. Individualized: The place where individuals can create a customizable care program that meets their specific needs. Safe: The place where the community works together to provide the protection each person needs. Community: Oasis Community is intentional community. Though not part of the acronym, this second word is an integral part of the vision. Community of the type described above does not happen on its own; it only comes about by an intentional effort.

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