Life Services Alternatives

Life Services Alternatives (LSA) is a leader in licensed, quality residential care homes for adults with developmental disabilities in Santa Clara County, California. Since 2002, we have established 16 homes in neighborhood settings. Our beautiful homes are just part of the exceptional services we provide 24/7 for adults with special needs. Our personalized programs and expert, caring staff make all the difference in ensuring that our residents are living their best possible life. We carefully assess each resident and create a program of goals and objectives tailored to their potential. Partnerships with other providers of specialized services add to our program customization. LSA’s programs focus on skill-building in a range of areas according to differing abilities as well as socialization. We also offer regular community outings to local venues. Because we believe in opportunities, LSA offers a Community Integration Training Program (CITP). Qualified clients learn valuable work skills while performing volunteer service at community non-profits. LSA is dedicated to providing quality homes and exceptional programs and services for adults with special needs because we believe everyone deserves to live the best life they possibly can.

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