Independence Landing

We provide a home for individuals of all abilities that allows them to enrich their own lives. Independence Landing is a not for profit corporation, the mission of which is to build an affordable safe, planned residential community for adults with varying intellectual and/or developmental disabilities allowing residents to successfully lead independent and fulfilled lives. Most residents will need only a modicum of support by way of verbal prompts and reminders, mentoring, independent living coaching, and limited supervision. Many will go to work, continue their education or vocational training, or participate in local day training services with the provider of their choice off campus. All residents will have the opportunity to avail themselves of community dining, a full social calendar, continuing education, personal growth and vocational opportunities, recreational activities, healthy meals and active lifestyles, and engagement with neighbors, friends and civic organizations, all with the goal of fostering maximum independence, happiness, and fulfilling lives. Rent is paid for by residents and their families along with auxiliary fees that cover meal plans and social and vocational activities as selected by residents.

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