Homes to Aspire

The HOMES TO ASPIRE project is a unique housing option for active, capable, and willing adults on the autism spectrum. This community project attempts to provide a home for 25 adults on the spectrum that are both financially qualified and functioning at a level that provides them with independence and unified support. STK Group, as lead developer and progenitor of the concept, has been researching housing options for several years and when the options currently available were revealed to be less than desirable, STK proceeded to create a vision for this new and empowering way to allow for adults on the spectrum to live in a place that allows for growth, independence, and a positive learning environment – generally speaking, a place where residents can ASPIRE to be the best they can be. STK has assembled a team of architects, contractors, and legal teams that are committed to this project. All of them were chosen specifically by STK for their expertise in the field of housing but also because of their affinity to the ASD community and their belief in the value of ASPIRE homes. In addition to the development team, we have engaged the assistance of some of the most notable ASD advocates in the community. These professionals are all committed to improving the lives of all ASD residents. Their backgrounds are detailed in the business plan. What we found very special is their enthusiasm for ASPIRE Homes and their interest in advocating for ASPIRE to become a reality. For that STK Group is humbled and appreciates their strong support. STK wishes to thank all the ASD Ambassadors that have donated their time, energy, and expertise thus far and will continue to look to them as our advocates in the community. Each of them is noted in this plan.

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