Bittersweet Farms

Bittersweet, Inc. provides residential, vocational, recreational, transitional and habilitative services for adolescents and adults with ASD at four sites (Whitehouse, Pemberville and Lima) in Ohio. World-renowned, Bittersweet provides supportive and well-structured programs that emphasize meaningful activities and work, and an avenue for using special talents and abilities. The goal is to increase autonomy and self-reliance, empower choices, maximize dignity, and encourage interaction. Bittersweet, Inc. employs a farmstead model that provides abundant opportunities for self-paced, distraction-free activities that are immediately meaningful to individuals with autism. This unique model allows individuals to participate in a variety of activities that develop their skills and interests. Participants at Bittersweet, Inc. are able to see the process of their work from initiation to completion; encouraging self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity. Programs that are available include farming, grounds keeping, horticulture, recycling, woodworking, animal care, creative arts and culinary.

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