Big Wave Group

The Big Wave Group is a Bay Area non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing and a place to belong for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Residents living on the Big Wave campus —of all different backgrounds, ability levels, and ages—will be able to live together in an environment that encourages social interaction, community engagement, and personal development based on their individual needs and choices. Adjacent to the Big Wave campus is the Big Wave Farm, where residents can grow their own food, care for the farm chickens, learn gardening skills, and participate in nutritional education. The Big Wave non-profit works in conjunction with the parent-driven Big Wave Community Co-op to provide oversight and guidance for the community. Family involvement is a cornerstone of Big Wave. Big Wave offers varied opportunities for residents, such as a Culinary Academy and Day Program, run by non-profit One Step Beyond, where they can attend a day program if they choose. The Big Wave campus is near the beach and harbor, providing residents with a host of recreational opportunities in a coastal setting, integrated into the greater community. As of March, 2023, Big Wave is accepting applications for Phase III memberships.

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