The Coalition for Community Choice (CCC), founded by Madison House Autism Foundation, is effort led by of hundreds of organizations and individuals across the country with the goal to promote the choice and expansion of housing options for citizens with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Madison House Autism Foundation and the CCC is working with policymakers to remove barriers to innovative supportive housing options. Click here to join our efforts.

In a Spring 2017 People & Families article “Finding CommUnity,” CCC advocates express growing concerns that certain housing options, especially for those with more complex service needs, are being unjustly categorized as “institutional.” CCC National Coordinator Desiree Kameka is quoted in the piece. Click the article below to read “Finding CommUnity” and learn more about important housing issues that affects millions of adults with I/DD across the country.

finding community

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Shannon Doty, Manager of Digital & Social Media

Shannon Doty is a social media guru who specializes in drawing attention to issues impacting adults on the autism spectrum. A Maryland native, Shannon has been working directly with children and adults with disabilities and their families for nearly a decade. Obtaining her degree in psychology from UMBC, her greatest goal is to foster connections with the disabilities community while using digital media to empower individuals with the resources they need make strides in their lives and communities. With a passion for writing and technology, Shannon oversees the Madison House Autism Foundation’s digital marketing and advertising strategy, content curation and storytelling, social media, websites, and email communications.