Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Autism Housing Network (AHN). We strive to create a positive and engaging environment where housing advocates and parents can connect, share innovative housing options and resources, ask questions, give and receive support, exchange ideas, and so much more.

To ensure that we can all feel safe and welcome at the AHN, we ask that you respect the following guidelines.

Be respectful of others

Don’t insult or attack other members. Respectful disagreement is welcomed.

Hate speech is not tolerated

Hate speech includes slurs, stereotyping, and derogatory or degrading labels.

Respectful debate is encouraged

Controversial topics and friendly debates are welcome here. Be prepared for others to agree and disagree with you.

No inappropriate content is permitted

Inappropriate content includes depictions of nudity, violence, and profanity.

Protect your privacy

Be careful what you post in public areas of the site. Don’t share personal information with fellow AHN members unless you’re certain it’s safe. Use your browser’s security settings to control your browsing experience.

One account per person

Please do not create multiple accounts. This helps others connect with you, and it also helps you keep track of all your favorite listings and resources.

No illegal activity

Do not conduct or promote any criminal or illegal activity on the AHN, and don’t encourage others to do so.

Report problems when you see them

Help us keep the AHN safe for everyone! Report problems when you find them, including posts that break these rules.

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