Our Mission...

Provide a central hub of neuro-inclusive housing listings, developer tools, and resources in order to find and build more inclusive communities.
Logo for Madison House Autism Foundation, the organization that created the Autism Housing Network project.

Who We Are

The Autism Housing Network is a project of Madison House Autism Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to promote, model, and advocate for the full inclusion of autistic adults and their families in the life of our communities; and to expand choice and opportunity in housing, employment, and social participation.

Normalizing Inclusion

Our hope is that the term “inclusion” will fade as inclusion becomes an expected norm. We know through our Autism Housing Network efforts, combined with partners across the country, that one day it will be immediately recognized when there is an absence of neurodiversity in all spaces and places in community. Let’s work together to ensure that every person with or without disabilities will be fully included in their home and community, full of purpose and joy.

Our Values

MHAF and the Autism Housing Network project are not building physical homes, but a movement to empower local communities so they build or find the homes they need to meet the housing and support crisis in their community context. Our core values that drive this movement and our efforts include:


Individuals with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) should have access in every community to housing, friendship, romantic relationships, employment, a faith community, and leadership opportunities.


Policy should be based on data and not ideology. Outcome measurement tools should include the array of individuals with varied support needs as well as lifestyle preferences and socioeconomic status.


Person-centered systems are needed to ensure that each individual’s person-centered plan is relevant and should be followed without barriers and arbitrary regulations that limit their opportunities.


Organizations and emerging projects must include individuals with autism or other I/DD to be part of the leadership and project decision making.


Adults with autism or other I/DD must always be treated as adults and presumed competent regardless of their perceived cognitive ability or support needs. They should be treated with dignity for the contributions they can offer.


The diverse support needs and preferences of individuals with autism or other I/DD should be reflected by a wide variety of property types and service delivery models available to them.

Supporting Others

The Autism Housing Network uses shared language to describe residential options in ways that are relevant to the needs and preferences of autistic adults and others with I/DD.


Explore what life beyond one’s family home could look like.


Learn the benefits and considerations of the wide variety of options that exist and are emerging.


Leaders and community builders can find others to connect with who want to develop local housing solutions.


Build an exciting future and affirm that autistic adults and others with I/DD are valuable community members.

Our Impact

Since our start in 2013, thousands of families across the nation have used the AHN to find and create housing that fits their needs and find resources for the challenges they face.


Users per month and growing.


Housing communities and developers that we've connected and supported.


Resources in one place.

Multi-State Collaborations​

To research housing markets and lead workshops for developers and community leaders.