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If you ended up on the Autism Housing Network, you have probably asked yourself: “Where will I (or my loved one with special needs) live as an adult?” Despite the ever-increasing waitlists, inadequate housing options, and lack of lifelong opportunities, there is a movement of sustainable, high quality, residential choices emerging. Hundreds of everyday people across the country are taking the future into their own hands and creating amazing futures for adults with autism and others with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD).

We invite you to join this growing movement.

Our vision is to become the largest database of user-generated resources and residential opportunities while fostering a supportive and encouraging online community. Your contributions, both financial and by AHN engagement, keep this community alive.

We’d like to express gratitude to our sponsors who made the AHN possible.

Thank you!

Letter from Our President

Autism Housing Network

Dear Autism Housing Network Community,

Housing is an integral part of the work of Madison House Autism Foundation. We are dedicated to the idea of having options of choice for a very complex group of individuals as they explore living environments in which they can thrive, grow, and share in a community setting of their preference. The nation has an immense housing crisis facing individuals on the autism spectrum and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On this new, updated site, we are showing many types of living environments – some exist and others are being developed – to help individuals, families and communities innovate to address increased choice and increased numbers of person-centered living options.

Please join the conversation – together, we can create a better future for autistic adults.

Welcome to the latest version of the Autism Housing Network.


JaLynn Prince,

President of Madison House Autism Foundation


We believe that our community has the power to change the future of housing for adults with autism and other I/DD. Please review our Community Guidelines to learn more about our values here on the AHN. – Desiree Kameka, AHN Director


Desiree Kameka Galloway

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