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Progress towards more individualized and person-centered systems of education, supports, and housing options is all thanks to the work of advocates. Your voice matters! As you develop in your role as an advocate, you will find it helpful to have statistics to show others the scale and scope of the issues. The infographics on this page help raise awareness by giving advocates compelling visuals that are meant for sharing. Hover your cursor over the infographics below to share them with friends on your social media networks.

Share the graphics below to spread the word that autistic adults and others with I/DD need more housing and support options!



AHN_red_5 AHN_red_4 AHN_red_3 AHN_Red_2 AHN_red_1

AHN_green_3 AHN_green_2 AHN_green_1

AHN_green_5 AHN_green_4AHN_blue_2 AHN_blue_1 AHN_blue_7 AHN_blue_6 AHN_blue_5 AHN_blue_4 AHN_blue_3
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